Practical Example

Reacting quickly to changes, ensuring reliability even in exceptional situations and thus ensuring quality - that is our goal. The Institut für Weiterbildung in der Kranken- & Altenpflege (IWK) has decided to offer its participants short-term support via the learning platform. We have documented the implementation process for you...

"Heading for new shores"

A story from the logbook.


IWK (and others) on board within two weeks

March 19th Enquiry from the management of IWK & creation of a “joint timetable”

March 19th: - March 26th:Responsible officers are appointed, lists of participants prepared, the learning platform is set up 

March 24th: - April 2nd: Concept for presentation of the corporate or educational processes

March 31st:  Online training for administrators

April 1st: Online training for lecturers/authors

April 2nd: b+r was able to hand over control to the administrators at IWK


b+r wishes bon voyage and remains available for a while longer as pilot boat.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you about a concept that fits your corporate strategy.

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