We are your partner in production of your customised digital learning/instruction content, e.g. mandatory training on the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG), work safety, data protection, etc. For this, we can rely on new content or convert your existing content into a WBT.

Our offer, adapted to your individual needs:

+  professional sound (speaker selection)

graphics and design (templates)

+  editing, animations and film (actors)

interactive elements

                                                                design phase                                                                                                       production phase

general concept: 
Learning goals, contents, layout

detailed design
use of media, learning steps 

functional design
set functions,
layout according to style guide

kick-off workshop
define project scope, hardware and software

final structure, 
visualizations of the content, 
media lists

media production
animation creation, 
sound recordings, 
audio integration

content integration 
completion of templates, 
integration of the speaker texts, 

programming of the navigation, 
adjustment of dynamic text fields


review and approval 
by the customer