E-learning concepts

Supervision of your change process from conception to implementation and beyond

The digitalisation of society brings new challenges for us all. It is sometimes a journey into as yet unknown territory. For this journey you need a backpack – packed full of courage, confidence, curiosity, the motivation to learn and willingness to experiment. We are happy to be your partner and to walk this path together with you, advising, coaching and supporting.
We want everyone to come along. Use our competence and experience with change processes. Design with us a chart into the future, that means securing staff skills, securing specialists, further qualification in line with the new challenges of the economy.

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+ individual - together we design your education strategy for your employees
+ effective - learning success guaranteed through most modern learning methods
+ motivating - a variety of interactions
+ sustainable - authentic learning scenarios based on case studies from your own company

From analysis to implementation

We are happy to accompany you

b+r offers you a comprehensive educational concept that has proved itself in practice. It takes account of both the personal needs of your participants and the requirements of the modern employment market. We will develop together with you a blended learning concept for the integration of your learning content and will be happy to advise you on the implementation of virtual classrooms. With our learning management system, authoring solutions and support, we can help you implement an effective further training strategy. Our workflow with regular review phases takes the pressure off your experts and accelerates the development process. Together we will create a learning application which meets the needs of your learners and supports your business goals.

Produce your individual e-learning

We are your partner in production of your customised digital learning/instruction content, e.g. mandatory training on the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG), work safety, data protection, etc. For this, we can rely on new content or convert your existing content into a WBT.

Our offer, adapted to your individual needs:

Professional sound (speaker selection)

Graphics and design (templates)

Editing, animations and film (actors)

Interactive elements

Practical examples

Have a look at a selection of previous projects and feel free to contact us: