Heading for new shores!

b+r takes IWK (and others) on board

Despite ongoing training measures, locations suddenly have to close because of the current corona situation. How do you deal with it? The IWK has decided to support its participants via the learning platform. A glance at the b+r logbook shows how quickly the learning platform can be implemented: The IWK management made a request on 19 March. On the same day b+r and IWK agreed on a joint timetable. Within a week, responsible persons were determined, lists of participants were specifed and, last but not least, the learning platform was set up and individualised. In week two, brainstorming sessions followed on how the structure of the educational measures should drawn up as an e-learning format. 

After two intensive online training sessions on the learning platform, b+r was able to hand over the helm to the administrators at the IWK. At the end of week two the learning platform was ready for use by the participants

And now it's time to cast off. We wish the IWK and all the others a good journey through digitalization. We at b+r are happy to accompany you!

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